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Gabriela's Journal

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28th October 2012

6:00pm: About Entries
This is a brazilian livejournal so it's mostly written in brazilian portuguese.
Aproach friendly <3 I must add if we share some interest. Eventually I may post some nude but that don't mean I'm interested in how many cm you got ok? thanks!
Current Mood: blah

16th April 2010

11:26pm: Lovelove6.com
Hi everyone, I just want to let you know that I'm alive at www.lovelove6.com.

19th March 2009

1:22pm: NEWS

Last week I just finished my photography course and for the final test I called some of my friends to be photographed.
You can see my favorite photos behind the cut.


Then there was sometime I'm thinking that I should buy a host and a domain and I did it! So here it finally is

Buuut guess what?
I DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT FTP AND THOSE THINGS! So I don't know how to make it work... D:
I'm looking for someone to help me...

That's it... Things are pretty good here.
Current Mood: hot

31st January 2009

12:35pm: Expooo :D
mmmmm currently i don't like livejournal that much but i miss posting all the photos i took and the drawings i made in somewhere. so since i still don't have an website i'm here. u.u
it's horrible i don't like the most of relationship sites D:

Huuuh atualizando e tals, minha querida Mako (lolipanda) me convidou para participar de um exposição coletiva no México e claro que eu aceitei. ;___; Acabei de ver as fotos da exposição. *-*

fotos e desenhos da exposição aqui <3Collapse )

Porra tô com uma puta ressaca u_u eu tenho que parar de usar internet quando eu chego em casa bêbada, sério mesmo eu ainda vou me complicar por isso. e_e
Current Mood: amused

19th December 2008

1:42pm: Bedtime
I took some photos yesterday while I was drawing on my bed...

more hereCollapse )
Assisti Valerie and her Week of Wonders e é muito muito lindo. <3 Vou enviar em dvds pra algumas pessoas com outros filmes. Aqui um videozinho do filme:

Consegui modelos pras fotos que quero tirar <3 Serão a Mai e o irmãozinho da Carol, o Henrique. Eu estava pensando em chamar mais pessoas, mas desisti da idéia porque seria stress demais pra mim e pro Henrique que ia se cansar mais rápido das fotos.
O único problema @_@ é ter que arrumar tudo até dia 23 que é quando eu viajo. Na verdade minha mãe quer viajar esse domingo MAS EU ME RECUSO A IR.
E é isso, só vim colocar as fotos e mudar a política do meu livejournal.
Current Mood: artistic

14th December 2008

7:13pm: Mural na 104 norte
No último domingo eu, Luara e Juba pintamos um mural na 104 norte. Foi razoavelmente difícil já que era a primeira vez que pintávamos algo assim e usávamos sprays. Levamos umas 16 horas até pintarmos tudo e ficarmos satisfeitas com o mural. Apesar de eu já ter pintado algumas coisas no meu quarto e estar mais familiarizada com os materiais, desenhar um mural grande assim é foda. Não gostei muito da menina que eu fiz, mas amei todo o resto. <3 Queremos fazer mais. Porém de preferência que alguém nos ajude a bancar os materias... gastamos mais de R$200,00 com tintas e etc.. Mas é gratificante de qualquer maneira. As pessoas gostaram.

Mais fotos!Collapse )
Current Mood: satisfied

20th November 2008

11:07pm: Pumpkin
Today I watched to Pumpkin <3 What a sweet and funny movie... I love Christina Ricci and Dominique Swan and it's so delicious seeing them acting together. I can't understand why people say it's just a comedy movie. It's much more then just a comedy. ò.ó
Great spoilers on video.

Some photos hereCollapse )
Current Mood: discontent

12th November 2008

2:47pm: Language Barrier
That's the matter:Collapse )

This journal probably isn't interesting to people who don't talk portuguese, but still there is the photography and drawings to see. I don't matter if you want me to add you since you don't matter you won't understand what I write.

Current Mood: annoyed

2nd November 2008

1:07am: Got Tumblr! And stuff.
Hiii <3 It's a nice saturday on my city! A lot of great parties are happening right now and I'd love to be on all of them BUT I'M HERE ON DAMN INTERNET!!! D: Anyway, it's ok.

I got tumblr! :D

Please tell me if you have an account on tumblr!

StuffffffffCollapse )
Current Mood: lazy

28th October 2008

7:05pm: Lovely Friends <3
Last friday I took some photos of my little sister and of her friend together. My sister is a beautiful girl, but she's my sis' you know? Her friend is like YUMMY how cute! :D I'm glad they let me to take these photos and I hope they grow up really fast (they're 14 and 13) and let me take naked photos or kindaof. A___A

Here are some of my favourite photos. HEY, 13 HEAVY PICS!Collapse )

Actually I got some stuff to post but I'll do it little by little 'cause there's a lot of new photos. I did an entry on naked_amour community, you can see its photos here.

Oh, finally I could donwload EVA, three short films directed by Gaspar Noé! I love them and you should take a look too. This one is my favourite.
You can download all of them here

Bye <3

12th October 2008

3:31pm: Postparty & some drawings
OMG I was SO FUCKING HAPPY yesterday I can't even imagine some possibility of happier moment in my life. My birthday party was so great, everywhere I could look at I saw someone I love and people calling me and having fun and oh u_u I felt so loved.
And thanks to mi Lolipanda who sent to me a lovely scrap! You were with me all the time yesterday baby. ♥

Unfortunately (or not) I was having such a great time I didn't remember of taking photos :D So I just took this one today morning.


Something under the cut.Collapse )
Current Mood: loved

9th October 2008

9:09pm: Marisol and Alviekins photoshoot
My birthday party will happen this saturday and I ask Marisol and Alviekins to take some photos that I could use to make a nice pamphlet.

Check the photoshoot and the party pamphlet!Collapse )

I'm a little worried about the party 'cause mom's freaking me out with all her drama about anything that don't make sense to me. These weeks are being hard in home :( But it's just a phase and it will pass.
I couldn't invite all the people I wanted to my party 'cause it's a small apartament, so I hope people don't get mad when they find out about the party. :/

Current Mood: okay

5th October 2008

9:02pm: Little Old Bathroom
I took dumb photos of my little and old bathroom. HereCollapse )


Current Mood: exhausted

3rd October 2008

5:58pm: So it's my first post on lj.

Believe PikachuCollapse )

That's it. I hope you don't mind I commit a lot of english mistakes.
Current Mood: optimistic
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